The Profit Accelerator Podcast

"Entrepreneur Evolution: Growing Beyond Business" with Christine Clifton

August 02, 2023 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 96
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
"Entrepreneur Evolution: Growing Beyond Business" with Christine Clifton
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Christine Clifton, Professional Growth Catalyst, Conscious Conversation Skills Trainer & Speaker, Career-Change Consultant, Business Development Advisor, HR Consultant, and Author of three books: “Get Ready. Get Set. Flow…”, “You don’t have to shout to Stand Out”, and “Your Spirit at Work”. Christine Clifton teaches mindful company professionals and service entrepreneurs to Say what they need to Say and Get where they want to Go – so they have the freedom, fulfillment, and flow in their life that they deserve. Dawn and Christine talk about the importance of evolving as a person who just happens to be running a business. 

In this episode…

Who is Christine and whom does she serve? (0:53).   

Were talking about reassessing yourself and where you are in your business, how often do we actually do that and how often should we be doing that? (1:43)

So what are the types of things we should be evaluating so more than just let's say time management or balance what specifically do we need to look at inside ourselves to see if something actually fits anymore? (3:33)

So what kinds of resources or personal development types of things could we be looking at that are not necessarily on that top ten reads for entrepreneurs list that everybody gets on audible every month where do we find these kinds of things what should we be looking to explore for ourselves? (7:22)

So, let's talk a little bit about the impact on results on your business overall when we take the time to actually implement this process and review these things and make sure that we are being in tune to our evolution. (14:06)

Tell us how everyone can find you and connect with you and learn more about what you do. (20:17)

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