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Scaling Strategies for the Messy Middle with Special Guest Crista Grasso

February 22, 2023 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 82
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
Scaling Strategies for the Messy Middle with Special Guest Crista Grasso
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Christa Grasso, founder of The Leanout Method. Christa is on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify success, get off the hustle hamster wheel, and run lean businesses where they optimize what's working and eliminate anything not adding value to their clients and profit to their business Dawn and Christa discuss scaling and running lean businesses.         

In this episode…

Who is Christa and whom does she serve? (:48).   

What are the scaling benchmarks, revenue wise, that Christa normally sees? (1:34).

What are the considerations a business owner, who knows they need to gain leverage so they can scale, needs to think about? (3:58). 

Now that you have a team, are delegating tasks to that team, when should you consider delegating decision making? (6:24).  

CEOs are control freaks, but what happens when a CEO doesn’t delegate execution, and therefore, decision making? (8:46). 

What is the fear that business owners have when considering bringing in the execution team that they need to reach the next level? (10:09).  

What is the big difference in conducting the orchestra and just giving the wind section the music, this is what you need to play. (14:02).  

If you can only afford to bring on one or two people, what should you be evaluating in deciding to bring on the one or two team members? (17:11). 

What is a Strategy and Operations Lead, and should you bring them on full-time, or can they do the work fractionally? (17:38). 

If it is allowed in your state, a team of 1099 contractors, if you hire the right people, may be the best for your business. (19:08).

The structure of the Leanout Method. (20:11). 

How Christa gets her clients focused on small, incremental changes. (22:13). 

But what about capacity? (24:49). 

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