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Building Your Strategic Business with Natasha E Davis

January 25, 2023 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 79
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
Building Your Strategic Business with Natasha E Davis
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Natasha Davis, Chief Visionary at Impact Branding. Dawn and Natasha discuss what it means for entrepreneurs to build a vision for their business.        

In this episode…

Who is Natasha and whom does she serve? (1:00).   

How do we define a vision for a business and how is it different from having a financial goal for our business? (2:45).

You can’t build a strategy without having a vision for your business. (4:08). 

How do we differentiate between a business mistake and being on the wrong road altogether? (6:04).  

How to manage emotions when you realize you made a mistake or are working in a way that is not aligned with your vision? (8:26). 

You must respect the pause. (10:50).  

If things out of your control, like the economy, make things harder, you don’t change the vision, you change how you execute the vision. (15:04).  

Your day is a series of investments. (16:40). 

When you plan 2-3 years out, how do you tell the difference between strategy and wishful thinking? (19:40). 

Scaling a business requires change. If the mind of the business owner doesn’t change, the business doesn’t change. (23:40).

“That’s the way we have always done it”, has cost businesses millions of dollars. (24:50). 

Burnout is real. Once you start questioning yourself, your business, your purpose, it will eat you alive. You must a vision. (26:32). 

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