The Profit Accelerator Podcast

Your Business as an Agent of Change with Special Guest Bessi Graham

November 16, 2022 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 74
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
Your Business as an Agent of Change with Special Guest Bessi Graham
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Bessi Graham, based in Australia, who, for the past 20 years, has been helping businesses, regardless of size, make a bigger impact in the world.      

In this episode…

Who is Bessi and whom does she serve? (:55).  

Regardless of how many employees you have, or the size of your business, you can make an impact on the world. Bessi explains how to do it. (2:30).

Can the decisions you make every day in your business, really make an impact around the world? (4:00).

Are there certifications you should look for when choosing a supplier? What can you do to be a little more intentional? (5:30).  

What can we do, introspectively, to make sure we are in-line with our values? (9:00). 

A lot of small business owners think to themselves, my company is just me and a few employees, what difference can we really make in this great big world? (12:39). 

It all starts with how you treat everyone you come in contact with through your business. (16:49). 

What are the considerations you should take into account when deciding to make a more intentional impact? (19:05). 

Even as a small company you can have a really big impact by choosing your suppliers wisely. If enough small businesses stop buying from an unethical supplier, the supplier will change. (23:07).  

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