The Profit Accelerator Podcast

Perspectives on Success with Special Guest Andy McDowell

September 07, 2022 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 67
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
Perspectives on Success with Special Guest Andy McDowell
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Andy McDowell, a life leadership and small business coach about success, what it means, and his methodology for helping small businesses achieve it quickly.            

In this episode…

Who is Andy and whom does he serve? (:59). 

Andy’s perception of success and his methodology. (2:00).

It all starts with self-leadership. (3:53). 

Why don’t some people lead themselves to create the life that they want? (5:17). 

What are the first steps people need to take to correct their actions and behaviors? (7:09).  

What does right look like? (9:10).

Did Andy have a role model in turning his life around or did he just have to figure it out? (10:37).

Is success the journey or the destination we arrive at when we decide to change our lives? Be, do, have. (11:44). 

How can we translate the be, do and have strategy into business success? (13:15).

Defining success for you and your business. (15:40).

It has to be specific to you. (17:40).

How do we make it specific to us, without judging ourselves? It comes down to us making decisions in either love or fear. (19:24). 

The costs of comparing yourself or your business with someone else or their business. (21:14).

It comes down to a power dynamic. (22:30).

What you want for yourself, and your business, can change all the time, and that is okay. (23:35).

With the information you have… (25:11).

The number of pages in your business plan should be in line with the number of years you have been in business. (26:52).

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