The Profit Accelerator Podcast

Business Systems Basics with Special Guest Anne Hill

July 27, 2022 Dawn Kennedy Season 1 Episode 62
The Profit Accelerator Podcast
Business Systems Basics with Special Guest Anne Hill
Show Notes

Dawn talks with Anne Hill, a certified Director of Operations, owner of Hilltop Operations and Consulting, a wife, and a mother to two boys. Dawn and Anne discuss operations and systems and how they can benefit your business.         

In this episode…

Who is Anne and whom does she serve? (1:20). 

What is the number one place where Anne sees gaps in her client’s operations? (2:27).

Where does Anne see most businesses struggle to implement repeatable processes? (3:59). 

What things should business owners think about to make sure the training of team members is accurate, and clients are being served in the way the business owner wants them to be? (4:56). 

How important is it to have procedures and operations in place before bringing on the first team member? (5:56). 

How can business owners tell if a prospective team member is the right fit for their business? (6:44). 

Mission, vision, values! (8:28). 

What kind of systematic things should business owners be thinking about as their business grows? (10:44). 

How do we document goals and does Anne think all systems should be touching the goal? (14:39).

What metrics are important for tracking a business’s systems? (15:45).

Is there a streamlined approach to thinking about what should be measured and tracked? (17:29).

The data doesn’t lie. (19:31).

Even if you are happy with where your business is, it is still good to measure performance. (21:05).

How do you add new lines of revenue into your systems? (21:36).

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